Fill in the blanks!


As you can see, this week's comic's still a WIP. I'll continue to update the image over the next couple of days until the strip is complete, but in the meantime, feel free to speculate on the forum! ;)

We're not dead yet 


Hello guys and gals.
Sorry we have been gone for so long. We've been somewhat unmotivated and restricted on time to do all the things we want. A couple of things Ana and I have been tossing around is changing the site a little bit (site design) and having a more consistent post schedule. Ana has been really busy as of late and being exhausted by the time you get home really doesn't help get comics done.

Meanwhile I've created a game dev interest group called "Four Play" (in honor of the comic I've always wanted to start) and we are working on a song driven terrain generator. There are currently 4 of us and little by little we are making this game a reality. Also, the mini-Arcade project is temporarily on hold due to emm.. financial complications. Its a little above my predicted budget :-(

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